Are you desperate for a way to keep the ants out of your yard and home? Are you trying to get rid of them as naturally as possible? These are some of the best plants to repel ants!

Best Plants to Repel Ants

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What plants repel ants?

Recently I posted an article on the Best Essential Oils to Repel Ants.

Today we’re going to talk about additional measures you can take to keep the ants at bay! We’re going to look at the best plants to plant around your home to make the ants pack up and leave your yard!

I recommend planting these plants and utilizing the essential oils mentioned above for the best results. Why not cover all your bases?!

When I started researching this topic I wasn’t sure how many plants I would find, but I ended up discovering seventeen plant options! Who knew there were so many plants that ants do not like?!

Lets check them out and then you can decide which ones would be the best fit for your yard or garden.

Some of these plants make great garden bed companion plants as well. Which means they will not only help keep ants away but they will also help the produce growing in your garden in other ways as well!

Outdoor Plants for your Flower Beds – Natural Ant Repellent

17 of the Best Plants to Repel Ants

Each of these plants are a great natural way to repel ants.

The list contains a mixture of perennial plants and annual plants so that you have plenty of options to grow year around and for many years to come!

You also have a variety of different color flowering plants, herbs, and greenery to make your flower beds or garden area beautiful and practical!

 Ant-Repellent Plants

Those are 17 plants that repel ants!

Pick the ones that will complement your yard or garden area the best. Or hey, plant them all! The ants won’t dare step foot onto your yard;)

And as I mentioned above, be sure to check out the essential oils that also repel ants. You might as well pull out everything you can in your war with these tiny invaders!

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