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Category: Frugal DIY

Freezing Mango Puree!

Do you have an abundance of mangos? Are you looking for an easy way to preserve your mango puree for later use? Freezing mango puree is super simple and a great way to keep fresh mangos from going bad!   Freezing Mango! Mango is a fruit that goes well with…

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Homemade Easter Egg Dye!

Make your own homemade Easter egg dye! Easter is almost here, and if your kids are anything like mine, they are already getting excited to color Easter eggs! That ¬†means that you need to buy an Easter egg decorating kit. WAIT! What if I tell you that you probably already…

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How To Keep A Christmas Tree Alive!

How to keep a Christmas tree alive! Use these tips to keep your Christmas tree green all season! Do you get tired of your tree losing its needles and turning brown before Christmas? Do you want to have a pretty tree on Christmas morning? These 4 tips will show you…

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11 Ways To Be More Self Sufficient!

These 11 ways to be more self sufficient are very important! Are you prepared for a natural disaster? If the power goes out for days and the grocery stores are shut down, will you survive? Or are you wanting to know how to live a more self sufficient lifestyle? Are…

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8 DIY Diffuser Ideas!

Check out these 8 DIY diffuser ideas! Do you love essential oils? Would you like to diffuse essential oils in your home but are hesitant to spend the money to buy a diffuser? This post will show you how to diffuse essential oils in your home using very inexpensive techniques…

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