Are you looking for the best food dehydrator recipes? This is the ultimate list of dehydrated food recipes and resources! Whether you are a beginner or experienced at dehydrating, this list is for you!


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Dehydrator Recipes

47 Food Dehydrator Recipes!

Whether you are dehydrating for convenience, for health, for self sufficiency, or to use up the mounds of produce that you have grown in your garden, this post is the ultimate dehydrated food recipes list!

There are recipes here for everyone!

This list contains fruit recipes to dehydrate, vegetable dehydrating recipes, soup mixes, jerky and so much more!

Food Preservation

Growing and preserving your own food is something that everyone should learn how to do. It is not only a great way to stock your pantry with healthy foods, but a great way to be prepared for hard times.

Living in southwest Florida, we get lots of hurricanes. The last major hurricane that we went through (or should I say that went through us!) was hurricane Irma. We were without power for ten days! That experience inspired me to share the 11 main ways to be self sufficient.

And yes, preserving your own food is on that list!

Another great way to preserve food in addition to dehydrating is fermenting! Find the ultimate list of 75 Fermented Foods Recipes here!

Also if you would like to can your own food, check out my ultimate list of 140 Home Canning Recipes! Between dehydrating, canning and fermenting you will always be prepared!

Dehydrated Food

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Food Dehydrator Recipes

Now that we have discussed the importance of dehydrating and preserving foods, and now that we have the best resource to help us do it, let’s check out some amazing dehydrated food recipes!

Dehydrating Apples

Dehydrating Apples


Apples are a great fruit to dehydrate! Use them for pies, snacks, and so much more!

Apple Fruit Leather

Dehydrated Apples

Dried Apple Pie

Dehydrating Apples

Cinnamon Curry Apple Chips


Dehydrating Bananas

Bananas are a very popular item to dehydrate. Check out these different banana dehydrator recipes!

Banana Jerky

Banana Chips


Dehydrating Fruit

Dehydrating Fruit


More dehydrating fruit recipes! These recipes are a great way to preserve fruit for tasty treats and recipes!

Homemade Raisins

Dehydrating Canned Peaches

Pear Chips

Cantaloupe Chips

How To Make Dehydrated Fruit and Fruit Leather

How To Make Fruit Powder

Apple and Strawberry Fruit Leather

Dried Cherry Chocolate Pie

Dehydrating Cranberries

Dehydrating Lemons

Taco Spiced Plantain Chips


Dehydrating Vegetables

Dehydrating Vegetables


Preserve vegetables so that they last longer by dehydrating them! These delicious dehydrating vegetables recipes are a must try!

Dehydrating Eggplant

Dehydrating Hatch Peppers

How To Make Leek Powder

Homemade Sun-dried Tomatoes In An Oven

Sun-dried Tomatoes

How To Make Tomato Powder

Paprika Kale Chips

DIY Chipotle Peppers

Dehydrating Swiss Chard In The Oven

Dehydrated Zucchini Chips

Dehydrated Potato Flakes

Dehydrating Zucchini 

Dehydrated Mushrooms

Dehydrated Cauliflower Rice and Broccoli Rice

Dehydrating Cucumbers

How To Make Onion Powder


Dehydrating Herbs

Dehydrating Herbs


Herbs are great items to dehydrate! Make your own dried spices and powders for cooking and for using as supplements!

How To Dehydrate Greens & Herbs To Make Green Powder

Dehydrating Lambsqaurter

Dehydrating Parsley


Dehydrating Meat

Dehydrating Meat

Dehydration is a great way to preserve meat! Especially for self sufficiency! Try each of these dehydrating meat recipes!

Venison Jerky Recipes

Hickory Smoke Beef Jerky

How to Make Jerky Step By Step


Dry Soup Mix

Why buy dry soup mix when you can make your own?! These dry soup mixes are great to have on hand and a healthier version of what you will find in the store!

Dehydrated Soup Mix

Dry Tomato Soup Mix

Dehydrated Bone Broth


Dehydrated Cheese

Dehydrate Cheese to use for seasoning and flavoring!

Dehydrated Cheese Powder


Dehydrating Eggs

Did you know that you can dehydrate eggs? You can! Dehydrating eggs is a great way to help eggs to last longer.

Dehydrating Eggs For Longer Storage


Dehydrator Recipes

Here are some additional recipes to dehydrate non edible items. Check out the additional things that your dehydrator can do for you!

How To Make Bone Meal

How To Dry Citrus Slices For Decoration

And that is 47 food dehydrator recipes! Do you make any of these recipes?

What are some of your favorite things to dehydrate?

Leave me a comment below!

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