Are you tired of losing your garden crop to the bugs? A successful garden depends not only on the nutrients you provide it, but on keeping the pests from eating and destroying it! Plant these 19 plants that repel bugs in and around your garden to have a successful harvest!

Plants That Repel Bugs

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Plants That Keep Bugs Away

19 Plants That Repel Bugs In The Garden

There is nothing more discouraging than to walk through your garden and realize that the bugs destroyed most of it! A tiny bug can have devastating effects on your plants. All the hard work that you put into planting and caring for your garden can end up being for nothing. And if you are growing your own food for better health, then you definitely don't want to spray harmful chemicals on your plants! So what are you to do? Plant these 19 plants in and around your garden to keep the bugs and pests at bay so that you can have a bountiful harvest!

19 plants that repel bugs in the vegetable garden!

Do you include any of these plants in your garden? If so which are your favorites? 

If you don’t include these plants in your garden plan yet then you definitely should! Include as many as possible to make your garden a bug free zone!

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