Are you looking for essential oils to help support you in achieving your fitness goals? Are you needing not only physical, but emotional support in your quest to lose weight or to be a healthier you?

Then these 11 essential oils are exactly what you need!

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11 Essential Oils To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy


Achieve Your Fitness Goals Using These 11 Essential Oils!

Whether you are setting New Year’s resolutions, are trying to get ready for the beach this summer, or just want to be healthier, this post is for you!

How to stay fit and healthy using essential oils

Before I start I want to say, that essential oils are not magic pills and will not be the sole solution to what you are trying to accomplish! The info that I include in this post is about using essential oils to support you on your journey to health.

Nothing can replace good nutrition and exercise when it comes to being fit and healthy! And if you are struggling with a serious problem or condition be sure to consult your health care practitioner to help you.

Also, I am not a doctor but an aromatherapist, I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. So please be sure to consult your doctor before implementing anything on this site! You can read my full disclaimer here.

This post is meant to help support you to be a healthier you and to encourage you on that journey!

As Be Young Total Health puts it in their Desk Reference: Aromatherapy is thought to stimulate physical, emotional and mental states. Whether the struggle is emotional eating, dieting fatigue, lack of consistent motivation, slow metabolism, cravings, etc.; using essential oils could be the missing piece that helps propel and sustain those weight loss goals!

Essential oils have been used for almost 6,000 years!

Historically they have been shown to assist the body in ridding itself of cellulite, cravings and retained fluids. They also have been historically shown to encouraging a happy, positive and energized attitude!

Essential oils for health and fitness

There are many ways to use essential oils.

Some essential oils are best applied topically. Apply them to the bottoms of the feet, especially if the oil is a warm oil. You can also apply them to pressure points, the stomach and areas of cellulite.

Essential oils can also be used in the bath. Mix them in your favorite carrier and add to a warm bath to help your body to rid itself of toxins, excess fluid and to ease muscular discomfort after exercise.

Another favorite of mine is adding essential oils to your drinking water. This is not something that you can do with all oils, but the oils that come from edible herbs and fruits are great for this! You can learn about the best essential oil water purifier here!

Diffusing essential oils is also a great way to utilize their benefits!

100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

Check out 100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to find great fitness and weight control diffuser blends!

Best essential oils to achieve fitness goals

Here are some of my favorite essential oils to assist and encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle!

1. Peppermint Essential Oil!

Peppermint is a great oil to help you stay fit and healthy!

It is said to help reduce cravings for carbohydrates, which is definitely helpful!

And peppermint is also a very stimulating oil that helps to promote mental clarity, focus, stimulate circulation etc.

You can read more about peppermint essential oil in my post 15 Essential Oils To Help Ease Holiday Stress and Sadness as well!

2. Orange Essential Oil!

Orange Essential Oil

According to Be Young Total Health’s Desk Reference, orange essential oil is excellent for helping to improve circulation and cell hydration, is supportive of cell regeneration, and eases water retention.

It also is supposed to be helpful with stretch marks and works as a great detoxifier!

Orange is a very uplifting, encouraging oil as well! It’s a very positive oil and helps to promote an overall feeling of well-being.

3. Lemon Essential Oil!

Lemon Essential Oil

Similar to Orange oil, lemon is also said to help ease water retention.

It is an excellent oil to use in the bath to soak as well!

Lemon is also a very stimulating and uplifting oil! I discuss both lemon and peppermint oils more in my post The Best Essential Oil Liver Cleanse, which is also great to incorporate into your health and wellness routine!

Once caution to remember with the citrus oils is that they are photosensitive. So you should never apply these oils topically before going out in the sun! Be sure if you do that they are on areas that are well covered! Photosensitive oils will cause you to burn very badly when exposed to sunlight!

So do not use citrus oils before going to the beach:)

4. Rosemary Essential Oil!

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary has also been historically used to stimulate circulation and aid in the breakdown of fats.

It’s also great to use to combat physical and emotional fatigue, giving you the energy that you need!

5. Cypress Essential Oil!

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil is said to help with circulation as well as easing water retention.

Be young also recommends it to assist the body in reducing cellulite. Sounds good to me, how about you?!

I love to rub it on topically to areas of cellulite as well as to add it to a warm bath.

6. Geranium Essential Oil!

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium is an excellent oil to use for emotional support!

It is very calming, balancing and uplifting. Whenever I smell geranium I feel very relaxed and emotionally ready to face anything!

Geranium is also said to aid with circulation and to support the adrenals.

You can read more about geranium essential oil in my post 7 Essential Oils That You NEED To Have In Your First Aid Kit!

7. Birch Essential Oil!

Birch Essential Oil

Birch is also said to help ease water retention as well as cellulite.

It’s also very invigorating to the mind and smells amazing!

You can read more about the many benefits of Birch Essential Oil here!

Best essential oils to achieve workout goals

8. Grapefruit Essential Oil!

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit is such an uplifting happy scent!

I think most people are also familiar with grapefruit’s ability to easy water retention as well.

It also helps to give you more energy, making it an excellent workout buddy!

Achieve your workout goals with the assistance of grapefruit essential oil!

I love to apply grapefruit to the stomach to help get the most out of sit-ups!

To have the perfect ab workout, combine grapefruit essential oil with this excellent Ab Workout that you can do at home! No equipment needed!

Also this is a great oil to apply to areas of cellulite. Just remember that it is a photosensitive oil!

9. Marjoram Essential Oil!

Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram is my muscle oil! I love to use Marjoram for anything muscle related.

This makes it a great oil to use after a hard workout!

Either apply it directly to sore muscles or add to the tub for a relaxing soak:)

Marjoram is also an oil that you want to use after working outside! To find out how beneficial working outside can be and how many calories you can burn by just raking leaves click here!

10. Fennel Essential Oil!

Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel is an oil that I love to add to water to help aid the body in suppressing the appetite and ridding itself of toxins.

It is also said to help control cellulite.

Sounds like a great addition to any health and fitness plan to me!

Achieve those fitness goals!

11. Be Fit Essential Oil Blend!

Be Fit Essential Oil

Be Fit is one of my favorite fitness oils!

It is a blend that is made exclusively by Be Young Total Health (Read here to find out why they are my favorite essential oil brand!)

This is a blend of organic and wild-crafted grapefruit, cinnamon bark, anise seed, peppermint and basil essential oils.

The constituents found in Be Fit Blend have been assembled specifically to reduce sugar and starch cravings.

Be Fit can contribute to will power when it is needed most, which may help in reaching fitness and wellness goals!

I love to add a few drops to my drinking water to sip on throughout the day!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Using These 11 Essential Oils!

Do you enjoy incorporating essential oils into your fitness program?

Which ones are your favorites?

Do you have any oils to add to the above list?

Please leave me a comment below and let me know!

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