Are you looking for an essential oil that not only is beneficial but smells amazing?

Then you need Birch Essential Oil! Birch is a very popular oil due to its fragrance and it’s amazing properties!

The Amazing Benefits of Birch Essential Oil!

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Why You Should Use Birch As Your July Essential Oil of The Month

I love Birch Essential Oil!

It smells amazing! Honestly, it smells so good that I wish I could drink it (but don’t worry, I won’t! And neither should you!:).

Scientific Name

First let’s look at the scientific name of the Birch that I use. It is Betula Lenta. This might not seem important, but trust me, it is! As I mentioned in January’s Essential Oil of the Month Post, some essential oils have lots of different species. Some of these species can be harmful. So it is important when purchasing an essential oil to make sure that you read the full scientific name so that you know what you are getting.

For example, eucalyptus essential oil is an oil that I use on my kids for respiratory concerns and immune support. But, some varieties of eucalyptus essential oil can actually stop a small child’s breathing! We’ll discuss this more when we discuss eucalyptus as a future Oil of the Month Post.

What is Birch and where does it come from?

The Birch Essential Oil that I use is harvested in the U.S.A. From indigenous wild-crafted trees.

Birch Trees

Birch is native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southernmost Ontario, and south in the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia.

The Birch tree is a beautiful tree and it’s bark is very easily recognized due to its popularity in home decor. The wood of the birch tree is used to make furniture, toys, canoes etc.

What does Birch Essential Oil smell like?

Birch Essential Oil

Birch has a very clean, sharp scent. It smells slightly minty with a hint of wintergreen. I personally think it smells like Root Beer (which is why I want to drink it:) and the bark and sap of the tree has actually been used to make Birch Beer!

How can Birch benefit you?

So now that we’ve discussed name, origin and scent let’s delve right into what Birch essential oil is used for and how it will benefit you!

Let me first say that I am not a doctor! All of the information that I provide on this site is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe. Please read my disclaimer page and/or the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for a full disclaimer statement.

According to Be Young Total Health’s Desk Reference, Birch has many uses.

The Desk reference states that the known constituents in this Oil communicate on an identical frequency as the bones throughout the skeletal system, allowing the bones to strengthen and encourage proper growth over time.

I have actually seen Birch used on a dog to speed the recovery of a broken leg. The bone healed quickly and the dog doesn’t even limp! Birch is amazing!

Be Young Total Health also lists the following as traditional and alternative uses of  Birch Essential Oil:





*Loss of hair

*Skin Rashes

*Rheumatic Ailments


*Ostealgia (bone pain)

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How I like to use Birch!

I personally use Birch for pain and inflammation. It is a primary ingredient in the Inflammation Relief Blend that I make. This blend is amazing to not only apply directly to inflamed areas, but to mix in Epsom salts for a soak! What a wonderful relief for aches and pains at the end of a busy day!

Birch is also said to assist the body in  removing bone calcification. This is probably due to what I stated above regarding the frequency of the constituents in Birch.

My mother had a knot on the side of her finger that was a bone calcification. After applying Birch faithfully the knot disappeared! Pretty cool huh?!


A contraindication is a medical reason for not using something. In this case it is a medical reason for why you should not use Birch Essential Oil. Below are a list of possible contraindications.

*Birch is considered safe for most adults: Birch Oil is safe when taken or applied to the skin for short periods of time.

*Taking Birch along with diuretics or other “water pills” might cause dehydration.


You also want to make sure that you are using a good quality Birch. As an Aromatherapist I would never recommend buying an essential oil at a local store. I can almost guarantee you that it is not a pure oil. There are no government regulations on essential oils, so an oil can be diluted by up to 50% and still be marketed as a pure oil.

Which Brand of Essentials Oils Should I Use?

Make sure that you know and trust your source. If you have a brand that you feel confident in you can use that. If you aren’t sure about where to get Birch or if you would like to check out the brand that I use, you can find it on my business website Healing Blends For Life.

Which Essential Oil Brand Should I Use?

Where to Buy at discounted prices!

If you are interested in learning how you can buy my preferred brand of essential oils at a discounted price check out my Essential Oil page!

I hope you enjoy Birch as much as I do!

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What do you like most about Birch? Did you experience any results after using Birch? If so what were they? Do you love the smell as much as I do?!

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