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Do you want to know what the best essential oil water purifier?

Are you looking for not only an oil to make your water safer, but an oil that tastes great? Then you are going to love this!

Purify Your Water Using This Essential Oil


The Best Essential Oil Water Purifier!

Most of us think about the importance of eating healthy foods.

We know that we should avoid processed, sugary foods. We know that we should be eating organic foods. And we also know how important it is to consume fermented foods!

But what about the water that we drink?

Do we think about how pure and clean our water is?

What about when we don’t know where our water is coming from? For example, what is in the water that we get at restaurants?

What about survival in times of crisis? What about when water is scarce and we are concerned about the quality of the water that we have?

How to purify water

While there are different methods of purifying water, this post is going to discuss a method that not only cleans, but tastes delicious!

Essential oil!

We talked recently about the essential oils that are best to use to purify the air in our homes, but what essential oil is the best to use in our water?

Lemon essential oil in water

The oil that I use to ensure that my water is safe is lemon essential oil!

Lemon essential oil is a great oil to clean many things! Not only is it great for our water and air, but it’s also excellent to clean our whole homes and to add to the laundry for clean fresh clothes!

Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon Essential Oil


Best water purifier!

Not only is lemon an excellent oil to use to purify your water, but when you drink and breathe in the scent of lemon oil, you also reap the many benefits that the oil has to offer!

Lemon is a very invigorating scent. It is very uplifting, helps dispel sluggishness and promotes clear thinking!

So, win win! Purify your water, and help to improve mental concentration at the same time! When is the last time your water did that?!

I also love to use lemon oil in my essential oil liver cleanse!

So, by drinking lemon water you are helping and strengthening not only the mind, but the whole body!


What does lemon essential oil in water taste like?

It tastes great!

Do you like to add a fresh lemon slice to your water? Then you will love adding lemon oil to your water!

It gives the water a wonderful fresh, springy taste!


How much lemon essential oil in water is needed?

I add two or three drops to my glass of water.

For my kids I add a drop or two to their cup of water.


Does the oil mix into the water?

Because essential oils are not water soluble the oils will not mix completely into the water.

But that’s ok!

Simply add your drops to your glass and then mix it up using a spoon or straw. Or if you are adding your oil to a glass water bottle simple shake it up.

This will allow the oil to mix throughout all the water.

Now, once it sits for a few minutes the oil will begin to separate from the water again, so simply shake or stir again before drinking.

Some of the oil might cling to the inside of your glass, but you will get most of it!

One caution about lemon oil is that it is photo sensitive.

This means that if you apply the oil to your skin before going out in the sun, you can get a sun burn.

So, just be careful, especially with children, that they are not getting the water containing the oil all over their faces before going outside to play!

I’ve never had a issue with this, but I just want you to be aware, just in case:)


And that’s it!

How easy is that?!

Lemon is the best essential oil to purify water!

Do you like to add lemon essential oil to your water? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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