Are you looking for an easy and more nutritious way to make kombucha? Continuous brew kombucha is the best choice! Not only is it so incredibly easy, but it creates a more nutritious brew!


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Continuous Brew Kombucha


Continuous Brew Kombucha


As a busy mother of four I do not have time to make kombucha! It’s time consuming, and each batch takes FOREVER to be ready!

But Kombucha is so good for you and yummy! I want my family to have it!

So what’s a busy mom to do?! Why, make continuous brew kombucha of course!

Do you drink Kombucha?

My family loves kombucha! Well, most of my family:) I have a little boy that won’t even try it (every family has one, am I right?! lol).

But everybody else, from myself to my three year old daughter, loves it! And I love love the kombucha continuous brew System!


What is Kombucha?


In the words of Hannah Crum, aka the Kombucha Mama: “Kombucha is simply fermented tea, an ancient elixir consumed for hundreds or thousands of years by civilizations all over the planet”!

It has so many wonderful health benefits and it tastes a-maz-ing!

It’s fizzy goodness in a bottle! Which makes it a great beverage to drink if you’re trying to cut out sodas!

For more on the history of Kombucha and the amazing health benefits that it provides, read what Hannah has to say here: Kombucha health benefits.


Kombucha Continuous Brewing System


Continuous Brew System


Benefits of Continuous Brew Kombucha


Ok, so we’ve covered why you should drink kombucha, now let’s talk about the super easy way to make it yourself!

When making kombucha at home you usually make tea, sweeten it with sugar to feed the culture, put it in your large glass jug, and then add your culture (aka SCOBY).

Then after the culture has done its magic, this usually takes 10-14 days, your beverage is ready. You then have to remove your SCOBY, drain off the kombucha, and start the batch all over again.

Does this sound like a lot of work and time to make just one batch of kombucha?

I don’t know about you, but my family of six goes through kombucha way faster than that!

Not to mention that I would rather not contaminate and handle my SCOBY every time that I make a new batch.

For those of you that feel the same way, I have great news! THERE IS A BETTER WAY!


Continuous Brew Method Kombucha


It’s called the continuous brew system! Here are just a few of the benefits of making kombucha this way:

1. You can make a new batch of kombucha every few days!

2. You only have to handle the SCOBY A few times a year!

3. Your brew is less likely to be contaminated

4. Your brew is more NUTRITIOUS than usual!

5. It’s easier to bottle your brew.

And that’s not even all of the reasons why the continuous brew is so awesome!  Find Out More About Continuous Brewing by clicking here.

Also, if you would like to see the Kombucha Continuous Brew System in action, then watch my FREE Continuous Brew Instructional Video!

Making homemade kombucha is something that I am very passionate about.

The Scoop On Booch

Because of my love and passion for kombucha, along with all of the kombucha brewing questions that I receive, I decided to create a detailed course that contains everything that you need to know about making your own nutritious and delicious kombucha.

Within The Scoop On Booch course I will guide you through every step from start to finish of making kombucha, leaving you with the end result of better health and more delicious and nutritious than store bought kombucha!

Visit The Scoop On Booch and watch the video to learn more about how you can become a successful kombucha homebrewer!


Where Can I Get My Continuous Brew Vessel and Kombucha SCOBY?


I purchased my SCOBY, my continuous brew system, and my organic tea from Hannah over at KombuchaKamp.

I firmly believe that Hannah’s SCOBYs are the best! They are never dehydrated, and are shipped alive and well in a cozy pack of nutritious, organic starter liquid. This assures that your kombucha will have a healthy start!

The best way to buy the continuous brew vessel, is to get one of the continuous brew packages.

You can find them here:  Kombucha Brewing Method of the Ancients – Continuous Brew

The package will include everything that you need: the vessel, SCOBYs, tea, vessel cover etc.

Also, Hannah’s special tea blend is the best!

It contains a mixture of An organic blend of green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos and yerba mate for added flavor and health benefits. This gives you not only a healthier kombucha, but a wonderful flavor as well!

You can read more about this amazing tea blend in my blog post The Best Tasting Kombucha Tea Blend!


Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar


Are you not convinced that you should have a continuous brew vessel for your kombucha?!

As a busy mom this has been the key to providing my family with nutritious kombucha on a regular basis! It really is the best way to make kombucha.

In fact, it’s the ONLY way that I make my kombucha!

Once you start, you will wonder how you ever made kombucha without it!

And, once you get your Kombucha made, check out these delicious Kombucha flavorings!

They are an excellent way to take an already delicious beverage to the next level!

Tasty Booch Recipe Book!

Do you make kombucha? Do you use the continuous brew method? Please comment below and let me know!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go enjoy some yummy homemade kombucha;)

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