Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? Are you curious if there are any antiviral essential oils? There is lots of information regarding essential oils out there and it isn’t always accurate. Read on to find out what you need to know about antiviral essential oils!


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Antiviral Essential Oils


Antiviral Essential Oils


Essential oils have a very long history. They have been in use throughout the world for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans all utilized essential oils. 

They used them for religious ceremonies, hair care, skin care, first aid, etc. 

Hippocrates himself recommended aromatic baths for health ailments and relaxation. 

Even King Tut’s tomb was found to contain the aromas of Frankincense and rosewood when it was opened in 1922.


Antiviral Oils


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And as with anything, always consult your doctor before using essential oils. Some essential oils can react badly with certain medications, or health conditions, so be sure to consult your doctor before adding anything to your health routine!

Ok, let’s dive in!


Are there Essential Oils That Are Antiviral?


Historically, essential oils have been shown to assist the body in preventing and ridding itself of viruses.

In more recent history there have also been studies done that do in fact support essential oils being antiviral. 

According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph. D. in his book Advanced Aromatherapy, ” In studying extracts of over one hundred plants from the Lamiaceae family, the great majority were found to have antiviral effects.”

Also R. Deiniger and A. Lembke, demonstrated in a presentation in 1987 the effectiveness of certain oils against viruses. Showing how certain oils contain antiviral properties and also that some are stronger than others. 

Even the North American Indians are given credit for using various herbs to prevent illnesses. 

Now while illness cannot always be avoided when using essential oils, they do appear to help the body in minimizing illness, and assist in the recovery process. Helping to ease discomfort and severity. 

I like to think of them as aids that help the body to do what it was intended to do!

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph. D. also says in his book The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: “As essential oils target a broad variety of structural elements of functional proteins and phospholipid membranes, they are effective against viral as well as fungal or bacterial infections.”


Antiviral Essential Oils to Diffuse


While there are many ways to utilize essential oils, one of my favorite ways is to diffuse!

Which is why I have compiled 100 of the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends here! There are many recipes in this ebook that contain the essential oils listed below, making them great recipes to utilize these awesome oils!


Essential Oils That Are Antiviral 


So which essential oils contain these antiviral properties?

Are There Really Antiviral Essential Oils?

Here are a list of some of the top oils that are said to contain antiviral properties!

These are all some of my favorite oils that also have many many uses.

I also supply the link to where you can purchase these oils to ensure that you are getting a good quality oil. It's important that you are getting the best quality possible, otherwise you will not experience the full benefit that these oils have to offer.

Oh, and these aren't in order of greatest to least. In fact my favorite is actually last on this list!

And those are, in my opinion, some of the best antiviral essential oils!

Do you use any of these essential oils? What do you use them for? Leave me a comment below!

If you would like to find out more essential oil info be sure to check out my essential oil section.

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