Are you looking for the ultimate gift for the essential oil lover in your life?! These 100 essential oil gift ideas are sure to make someone very happy!

At least I would be happy to receive one of these as a gift! (If my husband is reading this, that would be a hint;)

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 100 Gifts For The Essential Oil Lover!


100 Essential Oil Gift Ideas!

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift etc. these essential oil products are sure to be a big hit!

Essential oil addicts and enthusiests will LOVE them and you will be very popular:)

Essential Oil Carrying Case

Whether you are looking for a small stylish travel case, a beautiful wooden storage box, a roll-on bottle case or a large I-NEED-To-Take-Them-All-With-Me! carry case, these 8 beautiful essential oil cases are the way to go!

Essential Oil Diffusers





These 10 essential oil diffusers would make great gifts!

You can choose from a top of the line nebulizing diffuser or a cool mist diffuser.

Or, if you want something truly unique get one of these wifi smart essential oil diffusers!

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

These 9 books are awesome!

My eBook 100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends would make a great gift for the essential oil enthusiast in your life!

If you would like to make amazing skin care recipes for yourself or to give as gifts then be sure to check out the Essential Oil Recipes for Beauty & Body Care Binder! It contains many recipes that , as an Aromatherapist, I have been asked to create for clients over and over again. Trust me, they will change your life!

Also, for the advanced aromatherapist check out some of Kurt Schnaubelt’s books, and purchase this for the essential oil lover/pet owner!

Tart Warmers

Tart warmers are an excellent way to use your essential oils!

Find out how to use them with your essential oils in my post 8 DIY Essential Oil Diffusers.

You Can use a cute plugin tart warmer, an electric tart warmer, or a tea light tart warmer!

All 8 of these are beautiful and make great gifts for the essential oil lover in your life!

Essential Oil Products- Bottling Kit

These essential oil kits are great for those that love to blend their own oils!

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Diffuser Necklaces

Diffuser necklaces are such a fun and beautiful way to enjoy your essential oils!

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Diffuser Bracelets


Diffuser bracelets are another fun way to use essential oils!

These 16 diffuser bracelets are sure to please everyone!

I especially love the kids slap bracelets🙂

Essential Oil Shirts

While there are lots of cute and funny essential oils t-shirts, these 8 are some of my favorites!

I would definitely wear them:)

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Take essential oils with you wherever you travel!

These 8 essential oil car diffusers are all unique.

How cool is the car phone mount/essential oil diffuser?!

Essential Oil Products- Bottle Opener

Ok, now this might not be a big gift, but it’s definitely useful!

And it would make a great stocking stuffer!

Essential Oil Products

These handmade 100% pure and natural aromatherapy products are sure to please everyone!

Even those that don’t know about essential oils:)

They are a great way to introduce newbies to the benefits of essential oils, or a great way to pamper a long time essential oil fan!

Try these essential oil products

Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub!

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer!

Relaxing Soak Bath Oil!

Baby Massage Oil!

Hydrating Facial Toner! (One of my personal favs!)

Moisturizing Facial Blend!

Pampered Fee Massage Oil!

Skin Softener Lotion!

Clean Kids Hand Sanitizer Spray!

Cold & Flu Protection Room Spray!

Happy Home Room Spray!

New Mom Spray!

Relaxing Linen Spray!

Night Fright Spray!

Skin Spots Reducer!

Skin Toner Blend!

Stress Relief Blend!

Romance Perfume!

Well, there you have it!

100 Gifts For The Essential Oil Lover!

Do you use any of these products yourself?

Do you have an essential oil lover friend or family member that would love one of these gifts?!

Please leave me a comment below!

I hope you found the perfect gift for the essential oil lover in your life!

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