Are you looking for some ideas to help you keep your New Years resolutions? Are you tired of not keeping your resolutions after only a short time? Make this year amazing and keep all of your resolutions with the help of essential oils!

New Years Resolutions

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7 Ways Diffusing Oils Can Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions!

If you’re familiar with essential oils then you know how amazing they can be! They truly can have a huge impact on your life. But did you know that essential oils can assist you in keeping your New Years resolutions?

Yep! More specifically, DIFFUSING essential oils can help you keep your New Years resolutions!

How to Keep New Years Resolutions

Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils! Do you own a diffuser? If you need helping choosing the perfect diffuser then be sure to read my post The Best Essential Oil Diffusers. This post will show you some of the best diffusers to use in your home, as well as explain how a diffuser works.

Ok, so you now have a diffuser (or will very soon:). How exactly can diffusing essential oils assist you in keeping your New Years resolutions?

Let’s look at seven of the top New Years resolutions that your diffuser can help you keep!

Eat Healthier

This is a big New Years resolution! We all want to be as healthy as we can right? I mean, how can we enjoy life if we aren’t healthy?

Essential oils can support and encourage you on that health journey!

Certain essential oils are said to help reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, ease water retention and aid in the breakdown of fats. Not to mention essential oils can be very effective in helping you to stay in a positive mindset, which will also help you to stick with those healthy eating goals!

Essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, orange, rosemary, grapefruit and so many more are excellent oils to diffuse to help you to keep this New Years resolution!

You can find a great diffuser blend recipe: No More Cravings, in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder.

Essential Oil Diffuser Binder


Get More Exercise

This is another great New Years resolution, and one that I am determined to keep this year!

Eating healthy just isn’t enough, we also need to stay active to be healthy and to feel great!

And of course, there are essential oils that you can diffuse to help you on this journey:)

Historically, certain essential oils, such as grapefruit, lemon, orange, cypress, etc. have been shown to assist the body in ridding itself of cellulite and retained fluids.

Also certain essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary and lemon are excellent at stimulating and helping you to get in the mood to exercise!

You can also find some great diffuser blends to diffuse during your workout in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder!

Focus On Self Care (Get More Sleep)

Are you someone that tends to spend lots of time caring for others while neglecting yourself?

I think most of us have been guilty of this at some point. Especially if you are a mom!

We love our families and want to be the best parent that we can be. But we have to remember that our families need us to be healthy and that if we want to be around for a long time to take care of them, then we have to take care of ourselves!

I know that there have been plenty of nights that I lay awake in bed thinking of all the things that I need to get done or all of the things that I didn’t accomplish that day.

If getting a good nights sleep and rejuvenating yourself is on your list of New Years resolutions, then you need to start diffusing essential oils when you go to bed!

There are so many essential oils that are said to help ease mental chatter, relax the mind and body, and encourage a wonderful deep nights sleep!

Lavender, roman chamomile and red mandarin are just a few excellent oils to diffuse at bed time! You can find some great relaxing and sleep essential oil blends to add to your nighttime routine in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder as well.

Improve Concentration

I love to use essential oils for memory and concentration.

When I have to speak on camera or talk in front of a group I love to use essential oils such as rosemary and lemon to help me to focus more clearly and remember what I want to say.

Diffuse essential oils while working, reading, or studying to help improve concentration and focus!

I love diffuser recipes such as Clarity, Study Buddy, and Forget Me Not which can be found in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder eBook.

Diffuse regularly to help you to achieve this New Years resolution!

Become More Confident

Are you wanting to become a more confident person? Confidence is an important part of success in life. This is something that I have tried to work on over the years to help me in many areas.

Confidence is important in work, relationships, hobbies, etc. Making new friends requires confidence, applying for a new job requires confidence, and even dating requires confidence!

Essential oils such as ylang ylang and orange have historically been show to promote confidence.

Reduce Stress

I think that we all want to find ways to reduce stress, which makes this a very popular New Years resolution.

Good news! Essential oils are amazing at helping to relax and ease stress and tension!

Diffusing is one of the best ways to utilize essential oils for stress relief. So start diffusing to turn your home or workplace into a stress free zone!

I love to diffuse essential oils such as lavender, roman chamomile, patchouli and bergamot during times of stress. You can find some amazing stress reducing recipes to diffuse in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder eBook.

Learn to Be Happier With Your Life

This is, in my opinion a great New Years resolution, and one that is on my list.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, and I’m happy. However I find that when life gets hectic and stressful I want to be better at enjoying the little things and being in the moment.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the day to day activities: school, work, cooking, cleaning, running kids to dance and basketball, and the list goes on! My goal is to not get bogged down in these activities and to not let them stress me out and worry. My goal is to laugh more, take time on a busy day to play more with the kids, and to be a more easy going relaxed person.

After all, I want to look back on my life when I’m older and remember all the times we laughed and enjoyed life rather than all the work and stress that went along with it! I want to have no regrets! How about you?

So I will be turning to my essential oil diffuser to help me with this! I will be diffusing oils such as peppermint, frankincense and orange.

And I will be diffusing recipes such as Overjoyed, No Fear, and Be at Peace. All great recipes that can be found in the Essential Oil Diffuser Binder.

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

And that is 7 ways that diffusing essential oils can help you to keep your New Years resolutions!

Do you struggle with sticking to your New Years resolutions? Do you want to have an amazing year this year? Then why not give it a try?

For your health and happiness pull out your diffuser and face the new year with confidence!

Happy new year and happy diffusing:)