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Did you know that essential oils can help you to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?!

Do you have a hard time completing your resolutions? Do you find that you start with excitement and then slowly put your New Years resolutions aside?

Essential oils can help you to achieve your new year resolutions and see them to the finish line!

5 Essential Oils To Help You Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions!


5 Essential Oils To Help You Stick With Your New Year’s Resolutions!

When most people think of essential oils they think of relaxing, calming, a good night’s sleep, etc.

But did you know that essential oils can be very uplifting and encouraging?

Did you know that scents in general can be as motivating and mood setting as music and inspirational speeches?

New Year Resolutions

If you’ve got the scents of essential oils, then you’ve got the power to achieve anything!

Scents trigger an emotional response within the body.

Like I mentioned above, they can promote happiness and relaxation. They can also invigorate and inspire. And they can help create a feeling of wellbeing and security!

New Years Resolutions Ideas: Diffusing Essential Oils

A great way to utilize essential oils for this purpose is to diffuse! Which is why I created 100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

How can essential oils help me to stick with my New Year’s resolutions?

Think about what happens to most people each year after they make their New Years resolutions.

At New Years they are very excited about the future and what they are going to accomplish in the upcoming year.

But, after a few weeks, or a few months, most people give up or forget all about what they were so determined to achieve!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way!


If essential oils can help promote feelings of inspiration and empowerment, then those scents can help you to keep that determined feeling that you had on New Year’s Eve!

My friend Christina has some wonderful tips to help empower yourself to live well!

Use your essential oils while implementing these great ideas to ensure that you have a productive, healthy, organized year!

How to use essential oils to stick with my New Years resolutions

To use your essential oils to stick with your New Years resolutions, I recommend smelling and using your essential oils while making your New Years resolutions.

Then, throughout the year, continue to use and to smell your essential oils when working on your resolutions.

Or, when you start to feel like quitting and giving up, pull out your essential oil bottles and inhale deeply!

They are sure to inspire you and to help remind you of the feelings that you had while creating your list of New Year’s Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions Ideas

Which essential oils should I use to help me stick with my New Year’s resolutions?

While many essential oils can help to promote feelings of inspiration and encouragement, these 5 are at the top of the list!

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

If you’ve been following my blog for long you know that I love Frankincense!

I discuss frankincense in length in my post Why You Should Use Frankincense Essential Oil. And I talk about how to use Frankincense in my post 10 Amazing Frankincense Essential Oil Uses!

According to Jennifer Hochell Pressimone in her Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Course, Frankincense is excellent for relieving fear!

I have always been a worrier (I’m a mom, what can I say;)! Which is why I probably gravitate towards frankincense!

I love the smell and when I breathe deeply from my bottle of frankincense I can feel my fears and trepidations disappear!

This is the oil to use to erase your fear of failing your New Year’s resolutions!

Frankincense is also said to encourage creativity, concentration and inspiration.

It’s the ultimate essential oil to help you to conquer your New Year’s resolutions!

2. Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Bay Laurel was used in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece as a symbol of victory!

It is a symbol of wisdom and is said to help increase creativity and inspiration.

It has also been historically used to promote courage and confidence.

That sounds like a great oil to use to stick with your New Year’s resolutions to me! Don’t you think so?

3. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

This is an essential oil that we are all familiar with.

But did you know that Lemon helps to rejuvenate the mind and to promote clear thinking?

It is a great scent to increase alertness!

Use lemon to help stick with your New Year’s resolutions!

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a very invigorating oil! I use it to help me to think more clearly and to focus on what I want to accomplish!

My favorite way to do this, besides diffusing, is to use it in my Peppermint Cafe Con Leche! It’s my blogging buddy when working late at night;)

Peppermint is also said to help you to have an open mind to receive new ideas! What a great oil to start the New Year with!

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is a very grounding oil, in that it is said to help you to stay focused. That would probably make it a great oil to diffuse while making your New Year’s resolutions list!;)

Sandalwood is said to help reduce indecision so that you can stay firm in your resolutions!

Do you enjoy diffusing and smelling your essential oils for any of these purposes?

As we are fast approaching New Year’s Eve, pull out these oils to use while making your New Year’s resolutions!

Then continue to use them throughout the year to help you to stick with them!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know how the oils helped you in sticking with your New Year’s resolutions!

Happy New Year!


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