When is goat breeding season? Do you have dairy goats? Are you anxious to have lots of yummy fresh goat milk?!

Well, before you can have goat milk, you have to make sure that your goat is pregnant and delivers her babies!

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So how do you know when to breed your goats? Is there a certain time of year that they have to breed? This post will give you all of the info that you need so that you can know when to breed your future milk producers!

When Do Dairy Goats Breed?


Goat Breeding Season

When do goats go into heat?

To answer the above question, yes, there is a certain time of the year to breed your dairy goats.

Now, before we talk about when that is, let’s first talk about the different types of dairy goats.

Because not all dairy goats breed at the same time of year.

This post is not about Nigerian Dwarf goats.

I do not have Nigerian Dwarfs, so I cannot say for sure when their breeding times are.

I do know that they can be bred twice a year though.

What we are going to discuss are the large breed dairy goats, Nubians, LaManchas, Oberhasli, Alpine etc.

I personally own LaMancha and Oberhasli goats.

How often do goats have babies?

Large breed dairy goats can only be bred once a year.

Fortunately, there is a pretty large window of time, which makes it easier to insure that your goats are bred!

This also depends on where you live.

When can goats breed?

I live in south Florida, and I find that because of the intense heat our breeding season tends to start a little later than usual, but can also run a little longer.

Normally, in most places, the breeding season starts in July and ends in December.

In south Florida, my goats tend to come into heat in August, or the beginning of September.

But, even though they start a little later, our breeding season tends to run into January and sometimes February depending on the weather.

So, even though you can’t breed them year round, you do have a good six months to make sure that they are pregnant!

This means that you will have lots of cute baby goats soon!

And, before you know it, you will have lots of fresh goat milk! Which you can use to make lots of yummy things; such as Goat Milk Buttermilk, Goat Milk Kefir, Mango Kefir Smoothies, Cafe Con Leche Using Goat Milkand Goat Milk Ice Cream!

Do you already breed dairy goats?

What kind of dairy goats do you have?

Please leave me a comment sharing your experiences!

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