Are you looking for ways to make your plants or garden healthier? Did you know that essential oils can help your plants to flourish? But what essential oils are good for plants? 


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Which Essential Oils are Good For Plants



What Essential Oils are Good For Plants?


You are probably familiar with companion planting. 

But did you know that you don’t have to actually plant companion plants to reap the benefits that they offer to the vegetables growing in your garden? 

That’s right!

Essential oils can have the same effect as companion plants. They can help your plants to be healthier, increase their yield, and even intensify their flower’s aroma and their vegetable’s flavor!

Now you might be wondering how this works?

Essential oils are basically the cells of plants. The essential oils that I recommend in this article come from herbs and plants that are usually used as companion plants. It is basically a concentrated version of the plant that it comes from.

For example, it takes approximately 40 rose petals to make 1 drop of rose essential oil! Now that is concentrated, is it not?!

So by spraying a mixture containing essential oils on your plants, produce, or the ground around them, you can achieve the same results that you would gain from planting that plant.



Essential Oils for Plant Health



Now, we’re going to cover the best essential oils to use, but first let’s talk about how and where to apply them.

As I mentioned above, essential oils are concentrated. Which means we won’t need a lot.

Add approximately 3-4 drops to a gallon of water in a watering can, and water your plants or the ground around them with it. 

Also remember that essential oils are not water soluble. So you will have to frequently shake or stir your watering can as you water the plants. 

Now, as for where to apply them…

This is really going to be different for each plant. If you were actually planting the plant to act as a companion, where would you put it? 

Would you plant it next to the plant you are trying to help? If so, then water around your plant. 

Or is this essential oil from a companion plant that you would plant around the perimeter of your garden? If so, water the perimeter of your garden with that essential oil. 

Like I said, this is just like companion planting, so apply the oil wherever you would put your companion plant. 



Companion Planting


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The Companion Planting Guide & Binder will teach you everything you need to know about how these companions go together and about how close they should be. This is an excellent resource and will help you know exactly what to do whether you choose to use the companion plant or it’s essential oil form!

Now not all companion plants have an essential oil form, but those that do can easily be substituted.

Now, today in this article we are not going to go over how closely these should be applied, but we are going to talk about a handful of essential oils and the plants that they assist best.

Also, be sure to keep in mind, plants do not like to be watered with their own kind. So, don’t water your rose bushes with rose oil! They won’t like it!



Best Essential Oils for Plants



What Essential Oils are Good For Plants?

Now, these are not the only essential oils that make great garden companions.

But these are some to get you started!

Be sure to research more about companion planting using the above guide and binder that I referenced for a full list of the plants that make great companion plants.

Then simple substitute that plant for its essential oil form if possible!


Essential Oils for Plants


And those are some of the best essential oils for plant health!

Have you used any of these oils in your garden before? If so leave me a comment below relating your experience! I’d love to hear from you:)

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Happy gardening!