Are you looking for the healthiest seed starting mix to plant your vegetables in this year? This is the best soil for starting seeds in!

The Best Soil Mix For Starting Seeds

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The Best Seed Starting Mix!

This seed starter mix is the perfect environment for your garden to begin in!

You can use it in pots to start your seeds in, or you can even add it to your garden for happy healthy plants all season long!

I have used this soil mix for both.

I have used it in pots when first planting my seeds before transferring to the garden, and I have used this seed starter mix as garden soil to fill my raised garden beds with as well!

It is a wonderfully nutritious soil mix that will nurture and provide your plants with the ideal growing environment!

It is not only nurturing to your seeds, which will help them to germinate, but it is also the perfect texture for young roots to grow in!

Seed Starter Mix

Now, this recipe makes quite a bit of soil, about 35 gallons actually!

If you are growing a lot of veggies however, or if you are using it to fill your garden beds with, then you are going to need a lot!

If you do not want that much seed starter mix, then adjust the amounts according to your needs.

Also, I highly recommend buying organic seed starting mix ingredients as well! This will give your seeds the healthiest start possible while eliminating your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides!

While some of these ingredients are naturally organic, others are not so keep an eye out.

If you are planning on starting your seeds indoors, then check out these great tips for starting seeds indoors from The Free Range Life! Their tips along with this seed starter mix will give you the healthiest plants to transfer to your garden!

Best Soil For Starting Seeds

Let’s talk about what’s in the seed starting mix and what each ingredient is good for!

There are 7 ingredients in this seed starting soil mix.

1 Bale Sphagnum Peat Moss (2 cubic feet)

Peat moss is excellent for storing water, helping to keep the soil moist for your growing seedlings. It also helps to increase the soil’s ability to hold on to nutrients as well as water.


1 Cup Lime

This is basically ground limestone. It helps supply your growing plants with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. Lime not only supplies these minerals but helps the plant to absorb other nutrients found in the soil more effectively as well.

It also helps to increase the ph of acidic soil.


5 Gallons Sand

If you live in an area with sandy soil  like I do then a bucket from your own yard will suffice. As long as it isn’t clay or heavy thick soil it will work.


5 Gallons Perlite or Vermiculite

Perlite is volcanic glass. It has a high water content which helps hold moisture for your germinating seeds and helps to keep the soil from compacting. This helps to keep the soil loose so that the roots of your young plants can easily navigate through the soil.

Vermiculite is a mineral that, like perlite, helps to keep the soil loose and prevent compacting. It also holds moisture, maybe even a little more efficiently than the perlite will.

But either one will be very effective in your seed starting soil mix!

6 Cups Balanced Organic Fertilizer 

Fertilizer will help give your new plants the nutrients and boost that they need to grow great vegetables!

The organic fertilizer above is formulated specifically for new seeds and plants.

10 Gallons of Organic Topsoil

This is something that you can find at your local nursery.

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It contains the most organic matter and microorganisms, providing lots of nutrients for your plants and great soil structure.

10 Gallons of your own Compost / or Worm Castings / or well rotted horse manure and bedding

You can either use your own or purchase compost at your local nursery.

Compost is basically organic matter such as leaves, food scraps, etc. that have been broken down over a period of time.

Worm castings is compost that is made through the use of worms. Worms, such as red wigglers or earthworms, are fed things such as vegetable scraps, newspapers etc.. In turn they consume everything and deposit nutrient dense worm castings into the soil!

So basically it’s like worm manure. I know, sounds kind of gross, but plants loooove it!

It is one of the most nutrient dense composts that you can feed your plants!

Seed Starter

Mix all of the above ingredients together and you have the best seed starting mix ever!

You are going to have some great tasting vegetables before you know it!

Like I said above, you can either use this to start your plants in pots or seed trays,or use it to fill your raised garden beds!

Either way your seeds are sure to have an excellent start and will be supplying you with nutritious produce before you know it!

Happy Gardening!