Do you have a goat that you plan on milking? Do you have a goat that doesn’t like to take it’s medicine? Would you like to know how to train a goat to a milk stand? Trust me it will make your life sooo much easier! Plus it’s really easy to do!

How to Train Your Goat to a Milk Stand

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How To Train a Goat To a Milk Stand

Training your goat to jump up on the milk stand willingly sounds like a hard task, but it’s really not!

And it’s definitely something that will benefit all goat owners. I think that even if I didn’t milk goats I would still have a milk stand!

That’s because I use my milk stand for sooo much more than just milking.

I put my goats on the milk stand when I need to trim their hooves. I put my goats on the milk stand when I need to give them an injection. A Milk stand comes in handy when you have to check your goat’s temperature. And if you have to drench your goats with meds or supplements it really helps!

However, if your goat is not trained to the milk stand, it can be really hard to get them on!

I have literally dislocated ribs by trying to pull a first freshener that wasn’t trained onto the milk stand! Not a good day!

I’m a pretty small person, so wrestling a goat onto the milk stand is quite a job. You have to pick up their front legs and put them on the stand. And then proceed to pull and push until they finally give in and jump up. A horrible experience really!

Once they are trained to the stand however, they run in and jump up. Here is a video that I recorded about how to train a goat to a milk stand.  In it you can also see one of my goats willing jump up on the stand.


So, you are probably wondering how to train your goat to jump up on the milk stand right? The answer is simple…..feed!

That’s right, simply have a feed bucket hung on the milk stand.

Goat Milking Stand

I recommend starting to train your goat to the milk stand at a young age. Or at least before giving birth. This is even helpful with bucks, not just does! I mean bucks need hooves trimmed and occasional meds too.

Simply show your goat the feed bucket, maybe let them get a nibble, and then move it forward so that they follow the feed bucket and jump up on the stand. Place the feed bucket on the stand where it’s supposed to hang so that the goat places it’s head through the bars. Then slide the bar shut and latch it.

Now, that sounds really easy, and it is, but the first time they might be kind of hesitant. Which is all the more reason to start young, or to at least do it before you are going to milk for the first time or are in a serious situation. By having your goat trained before her first milking you will eliminate a lot of stress on the goat and yourself.

So, the first time might require a little more effort, maybe even some physical assistance;), but once your goat realizes that there is food on the milk stand, she will be more apt to come willingly next time!

And if you allow them to be on the milk stand multiple times just to eat and nothing else at the beginning, they will be even more comfortable when the time comes to milk or to give medications.

So, do yourself and your goat a favor, train them to jump up on the milk stand! It will make everything easier, I promise:)

And don’t forget, if you are planning on milking your goat be sure to read about the must have Goat Milking Supplies that you will need!

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