How to keep a Christmas tree alive! Use these tips to keep your Christmas tree green all season! Do you get tired of your tree losing its needles and turning brown before Christmas? Do you want to have a pretty tree on Christmas morning?

These 4 tips will show you how to make a Christmas tree last longer!

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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Green All Season!


How To Keep A Christmas Tree Alive!

I love Christmas time!

And, of course, one of my favorite things about Christmas is getting a Christmas tree!

I also, might be guilty of leaving my Christmas tree up a lot longer than I should as well;)

But, whether you take your Christmas tree down the day after Christmas, or leave it up until well after New Year’s, you definitely want it to still be pretty on Christmas morning!

These 4 Christmas tree care tips will show you how to keep a Christmas tree alive longer!

How to make a Christmas tree last longer

1. Buy your tree early

Ok, now this might sound weird!

You would think that getting your tree early would mean that it would die sooner right?!

But no!

Now, I will say that if you go to a Christmas tree farm or to the woods to cut down your own tree, then this tip doesn’t apply to you!

This tip is for those of us that do not have access to Christmas tree farms.

Living in south Florida I definitely will not be able to go to a Christmas tree farm!

So if you, like me, have to buy your tree already cut, then don’t skip this step!

Buying your tree early means that you can get it set up and in water earlier.

The earlier your tree is put in water, the longer it will last!

My grandma used to wait until a couple of weeks before Christmas to buy her tree. And when she found out that I buy my tree a few days before Thanksgiving, she was shocked!

She was like, “If you get your tree too early it will die!”

I tried to explain to her though, that her tree has been sitting in the Christmas tree lot just as long as mine. They truck them to our area by the semi load!

The difference is that I went and picked mine up early and got it into water sooner. Meanwhile, hers was still sitting in the lot drying out! lol

It was probably cut about the same time as mine, just mine got water sooner!

So, if you buy your tree pre-cut, get it early and get it into water!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree care

2. Cut the bottom off of your tree trunk

This will also keep your tree alive longer!

Think of your tree the same way that you would think of a bouquet of flowers.

What do you do when you get a bouquet of flowers? Before you put them in water, you trim the bottoms of the stems.


You trim them because the bottoms dry out and can’t absorb water.

So, you cut off the dead ends and they easily suck up the water!

Your Christmas tree does the same thing!

Cut off a couple of inches from the bottom of the trunk so that your tree can suck up water!

Again, if you just came from cutting your tree down yourself, you can skip to the next two steps:)

Christmas Tree

How to keep a Christmas tree alive

3. Keep direct sunlight from hitting your tree

This is something that I did not do one year, and my tree was very sad by the time Christmas came!

I usually put my tree in front of the large windows in my living room.

Unfortunately the afternoon sun beats in those windows. (Remember, I live in South Florida!)

So, I finally realized that during the afternoon hours I needed to shut the blinds! This sounds really simple (and it is!), but it makes a huge difference in the life span of your Christmas tree!

By doing this simple tip, your tree will last much longer!

Christmas Tree

How to take care of a live Christmas tree

4. Feed Your Christmas Tree!

Ok, the fourth and final tip to keep your Christmas tree alive longer, is my favorite!

You NEED to feed your tree!

Go back to thinking of your Christmas tree as you would a bouquet of flowers.

What do store bought flowers come with? Plant food!

What do you feed the plants in your garden? Fertilizer!


Because plants and trees need more than just water to survive!

They need minerals and other elements to thrive.

Your Christmas tree needs the same thing!

Himalayan Pink Salt


What should I feed my Christmas tree?

I feed my Christmas tree Pink Himalayan Salt!

Yes, you heard me right!

Pink Himalayan salt is said to contain 84 different minerals and elements! (Which is why you should be eating it too:)

And my Christmas tree LOVES it!

I dissolve pink Himalayan salt into the water I give my Christmas tree every other day.

I don’t really measure it out, but I mix in anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon each time that I feed it.

And you know what? My Christmas tree holds it’s needles longer!

It sucks up lots of water and looks beautiful!

How to keep a Christmas tree alive!

Do you do any of these things to prolong the life of your Christmas tree?

Do you have any additional tips for keeping your tree alive and green longer?

If so please leave a comment below and share them with me:)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that you get to enjoy your Christmas tree for the entire holiday season!

Decorated Christmas Tree