Do you want to start growing your own food without planting a large outdoor garden? Do you have a brown thumb and need help keeping your plants alive? Growing plants indoors has never been easier than this!


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Growing Plants Indoors



Growing Plants Indoors



I live in a climate where barely anything grows in the summer. Yes you heard me right! 

I know most people can’t grow food in the winter, but I live in south Florida. That means the summer here is like the surface of the sun! 

We are in Garden Zone 10 – very little grows here during the summer.

So does that mean that we will be without fresh vegetables during the summer? Or if you live in a cold climate does that mean that you have to be without fresh vegetables all winter?


You can have fresh fruits and veggies all year round! 

And not only can you have them, but you can grow them faster and increase your yield by 30%!

Do I have your attention now? 😉

“How can this be?”, you are probably asking!

Let me share with you the greatest tool for gardening indoors! 



How to Grow Vegetables Indoors



Ok, you are going to love this! I know I do! 

The key to successful indoor gardening is….drumroll please….


Aeroponics is the method of growing plants where the roots are exposed to the air (no dirt!), and nutrients are delivered to them through a mist.

This means no mess, and plants that receive continual nutrition. 

Now I know this sounds complicated, but it’s not! It is extremely easy! I mean really, really easy!

This allows anyone that has a hard time keeping plants alive to grow beautiful veggies right in their own kitchens! 



How to Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden


My favorite aeroponic garden is the Tower Garden

It is everything that you need. And it stores water in the bottom so that you don’t have to water your plants!

That’s right, get it set up and forget about it! Well, forget about caring for it, don’t forget to pick your veggies because trust me they will grow fast!

This method adds minerals to the water that the plants need in order to produce the healthiest possible fruits and veggies. Honestly, depending on your soil, they will probably get more nutrients this way than they will from the soil in your yard. 

This allows the plants to grow incredibly fast and to be incredibly healthy. 

Literally within a few weeks you will have produce!

I love the Tower Garden for growing salads! You can grow lots of different things, but I love the idea of picking my salad fresh and eating it immediately!

You can grow greens, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans… name it!

Let me show you what it looks like and how it works in this short clip:

Aeroponic Tower Garden


How awesome is that?! 

It was love at first sight for me:)

I mean, come on, grow veggies in my kitchen instead of buying wilted ones from the store?! Yes please!

Not only does it look awesome and fresh to have plants growing indoors, but it’s so convenient!

I can literally pick our dinner and put it on the table. And it grows faster and more plentiful than if I were growing it outside in my sandy soil!

Aren’t you in love too?!

Do you already use the tower garden? If so leave me a comment below sharing your experience!

If you would like to you can learn more about the Tower Garden here. And if you have any questions about this awesome gardening method please feel free to contact me!

Happy gardening!