Are you wanting to have backyard chickens? Would you like to have fresh eggs from your own chickens? Do hens need a rooster to lay eggs?

This post will help you decide whether or not you need to add a rooster to your backyard flock!

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Do You Need A Rooster To Get Eggs


Do Hens Need A Rooster To Lay Eggs?

This is a question that I get asked a lot! And it is a question that you need to know the answer to!

The simple answer to this question is NO!

But, yes there is a but, your hens might still need a rooster!

I know, that’s kind of confusing! Let me explain!

The answer to whether or not your hens need a rooster depends on what you are hoping to get from your chicken’s eggs.

Do chickens need a rooster to lay eggs?


Do you need a rooster to get eggs to eat?

If you only want to eat your eggs, then the answer is NO! You do not need a rooster to get eggs to eat.

When a hen is old enough to lay eggs, she will do it all on her own. You will not get more eggs by having a rooster.


Do you need a rooster to get eggs to hatch chicks?

If you want your hens to be able to hatch chicks from their eggs, or if you would like to incubate eggs to hatch chicks, then the answer is YES!

In order for an egg to be fertile so that a baby chick can form, you need a rooster!

The rooster is what fertilizes the eggs. No rooster, no baby chicks!

So there you have it!

Do your hens need a rooster to lay eggs? No!

Do you need a rooster if you want the eggs to hatch? Yes!

Now, instead of asking yourself if you need a rooster, you might want to ask “SHOULD I have a rooster”!

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What are your reasons for having chickens? Do you just want eggs for your family to eat? Are you wanting to hatch out your own baby chicks? Leave me a comment below and let me know!