Are you looking for a great way to use up those extra mulberries? Do you love kombucha? Then you definitely need to make mulberry kombucha! Yummy, fruity, fizzy goodness in a bottle:)


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Mulberry Kombucha!

My family loves mulberries! Lately we have had more mulberries on the trees in our backyard than we know what to do with. We’ve been eating mulberries for dessert, breakfast, snacks, and I’ve been making mulberry pie! Mulberries are also great over homemade ice cream. 

And even after all of that we are still drowning in mulberries!

So, I decided to make mulberry kombucha!

It is a hit:) The fruity flavor of the berries combined with the tartness of kombucha is delicious!

Before you begin!

Making homemade kombucha is something that I am very passionate about.

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But anyways, getting back to our yummy flavor, we aren’t going to talk about how to make kombucha today. Instead we are focusing on how to flavor our Kombucha once it’s made!

What you will need

Ok, first let’s go over our ingredients and supplies. If you are using the Continuous Brew System this will be really easy! With it’s easy fill spout, filling bottles is a dream!

1. Bottles

I usually use bottles that I have saved from store bought Kombucha, or you can purchase these glass bottles that are the same size.

Also, I use these swing top glass bottles to make a more fizzy second ferment. They are better at locking in the bubbles to give you a fizzier second ferment if that is your desire.

2. Mulberry Puree

You need to puree the mulberries before adding them to the kombucha or you will not get the full flavor of the berries to mingle during the second ferment. 

How To flavor your Kombucha!

Ok, now that you’ve gathered your ingredients, let’s get started!

1. First add the mulberry puree to your bottles. Wipe any puree off the rim of the bottle after adding.

The amount listed in the recipe below is a matter of preference so feel free to experiment with the amount to find the flavor that you enjoy most!


2. The last ingredient that you need to add is your prepared Kombucha! Fill it all the way to the top.

3. And finally, you are going to screw on the lids and put your bottles in a dark cabinet. You want to allow your Kombucha to complete it’s second ferment. This will take anywhere from one to three days. You need to leave it for at least a full 24 hours to give the Kombucha time to eat a portion of the natural sugars in the flavorings.

Definitely do not leave it longer than three days. Leaving it longer than the three days will increase the alcohol content of your Kombucha, making it unsafe for children.

And that’s how you make Mulberry Kombucha!

If you enjoy this flavor then be sure to check out the Tasty Booch Recipe Book! It contains 27 tasty kombucha flavor recipes to take your kombucha to the next level! The recipes within the book are kid tested and approved, to help convert even the pickiest of eaters into kombucha fans!

Yield: 1 16oz. Bottle

Mulberry Kombucha

Fruity kombucha that everyone will love!


  • 2 Tbsp. Mulberry Puree
  • Prepared Kombucha


1. Add mulberry puree to a 16oz. glass bottle. You can use either bottles with screw on lids or flip top lids. If you need to you can use a funnel. Wipe any puree off the mouth of the jar when done.

2. Fill your bottle the rest of the way with prepared kombucha.

3. Place your bottles in a dark cabinet for 1-4 days until your kombucha has reached the flavor that you like and then transfer to the fridge. Then enjoy!


You might want to strain the kombucha before drinking once it is done to remove the mulberry puree pieces. I have to do this for my kids as they do not like pieces of fruit in their kombucha!


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