5 Healthy Cookbooks That Your Kitchen Needs!

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Do you use all of your cookbooks? I have so many cookbooks that I keep because they contain one or two recipes that I love! And if I’m being honest I have cookbooks that I haven’t looked through in years! Are there not any cookbooks that are full of awesome recipes from cover to cover?! Could someone please take all of the recipes that I love and combine them into one book?!

If you feel the same way that I do, then get ready to do the happy dance!


5 Healthy Cookbooks That Your Kitchen Needs!

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links*

Five Healthy Cookbooks That Your Kitchen Needs!

I have found FIVE (let’s be honest- one book isn’t going to be big enough to hold them all;), yes FIVE, awesome cookbooks that deserve a place of honor on your counter top!

Yes, they are that good! Not, on the book shelf good, or in the cabinet good, I’m talking cookbook stand on the counter top good!

They are all amazing books that I feel honored to own! I’m actually guilty of taking a picture of myself with one of these books and posting it on Instagram, I’m that much in love!

I will be using these cookbooks for years to come!

Alright, I know that you’re dying to see what they are, so let’s get the list started!

Drum roll please! And in no particular order…

1. Nourished Traditions by Sally Fallon!

This book is a daily go to for me! I LOVE it! It contains not only great recipes, but a wealth of knowledge and information.

Want to know how to make delicious bone broth? Find it here!

Want to know how to soak your grains? Find it here!

Want an awesome pancake or pizza crust recipe? Find it here!

Pickles, Sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup? Find them all here!

This book not only teaches the ‘how’ to make things the way your grandmother did, but the ‘why’ you should as well! And in the margins of each page it gives super interesting history facts.

It contains recipes for every meal course, as well as many different dishes from cultures all over the world!

If you don’t already own this book, you need to!

2. Einkorn by Carla Bartolucci! 

If you aren’t familiar with Einkorn wheat, let me bring you up to speed. Einkorn is the only wheat in existence today that has never been hybridized! It has been growing for thousands of years!

It is an excellent grain choice for those that not only strive to be healthy, but for those that have a gluten sensitivity as well.

Carla Bartolucci is also the founder of Jovial Foods. This is where I buy my einkorn wheat from. You can purchase the ground flour, or the wheat berries to grind yourself.

But getting back to the cookbook itself, this book also contains dishes for every course!

I’m talking breads, buns, cookies, cakes, pizza, pasta, soups, street food and more! And they are all made using Einkorn wheat!

I’m hungry just thinking about it!

You could easily bake exclusively from this cookbook and be happy!

3. Celebrations by Danielle Walker!

Ok, this has got to be one that you’ve heard of or already own! If not, stop right now and go buy the book!

Danielle is amazing! She creates awesome gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo recipes.

Now, I am not exclusively paleo (see the above cookbooks:), but grains are definitely something that I try to limit. Especially unhealthy grains.

What I love most about this cookbook is that it is centered around the holidays and events that we cook for (which is all of them, right?;)

She has recipes for New Years Eve, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays and everything in between!

She also teaches you how to make the basics! Both common and exotic! Want to know how to make ranch dressing? Or how about Moroccan Spiced Jam?!

Something else that makes this cookbook loads of fun is that it is filled with beautiful, crisp pictures! They are so lifelike that you will want to pick up the food from the pages and take a bite!

4. The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther!

Jenny teaches us how to make traditional foods that are full of life and health!

She is a supporter of Weston Price, and bases her recipes on his research.

She helps us to get back to the way that it used to be done! To the way that it still should be done!

She starts by sharing the types of ingredients that we should be using. Then she takes us on a journey through the garden, the pastures, the fields, the oceans and the wild; sharing along the way the recipes that were made from these magical and everyday places.

She helps you to feel the connection with where our foods come from and who makes them.

It truly is an amazing cookbook for the natural cook who is striving to make traditional meals!

Because I have a family of my own that I’m trying to keep healthy, this is a cookbook that I feel will always be precious to me!

5. Chocolate Covered Katie by Katie Higgins!

What kitchen can be complete without an all dessert cookbook?!

Chocolate Covered Katie brings it all! She has everything from dessert for breakfast (say what?!), cookies, cakes, pie, ice cream and more!

Her recipes are refined sugar free, and contain guilt-free ingredients. It’s a great way to incorporate healthy ingredients such as coconut oil and healthy grains into my favorite course- dessert!

And, if you’ve had a hard time finding a black bean brownie recipe that tastes out of this world, look no further! Your kids will never know that they are eating beans! Shhh, don’t even tell them!  They are A-MAZ-ING! And kind of addicting:)

Well, there you have it! My starting five! The only cookbooks that you will ever need! The conversation pieces for your kitchen counter! The new loves of your life!

Have you used any of these cookbooks before? If so, please share with me below how much you love them! If not, why are you still here?! Go, go get them!

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