Goat Milk Baby Formula
This recipe is full of nutritious ingredients that promote a healthy brain as well as overall body health. It is easily digested and contains essential nutrients that your baby needs for proper development.
  1. Add gelatin to the water and heat gently on stove until dissolved.
  2. Remove from heat and add butter oil
  3. Allow mixture to cool. Then add water mixture and all other ingredients to blender and blend well.
  4. Transfer to a very clean glass container.
  5. To serve, pour into a very clean glass bottle, attach nipple and heat in a pan of simmering water. Shake bottle well and feed to baby.
  6. Never heat in a microwave oven! Formula must be made fresh every 24hrs.
Recipe Notes

Chicken Liver Replacement:

Use instead 1/2 tsp. desiccated liver powder or 8 drops of baby safe Vitamin B12

You can find links to all of the ingredients in the above post.

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