Are you looking for a natural way to get rid of fungus or mildew on veggies? These are 5 antifungal essential oils for plants that you must try! Keep your garden healthy with essential oils!


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Antifungal Essential Oils for Plants



Antifungal Essential Oils for Plants



People are always using essential oils for their antifungal properties, whether it’s for themselves, their homes, cars, etc. So why not do the same for your plants?

Lots of essential oils are great for fungus or mold. When it comes to your garden however, you have to be careful which of these oils you use. 

Not all plants will react well to essential oils. And some plants will like some oils and not others. 

So which oils should you use? Which ones are considered the best essential oils for plant fungus?



Essential Oils for Plant Fungus


5 Antifungal Essential Oils for Plants

These essential oils are said to be the best ones to use to fight those pesky molds and mildews that plague plants!

Give them each a try and watch that fungus disappear!


Essential Oil Fungicide for Plants


Now that you know which essential oils to use, you might be wondering how to use them.

I recommend using approximately 10-12 drops per gallon of water. Remember, essential oils are concentrated, which means a little goes a long way.

You can use this mixture to spray on your plants, trees, veggies, flowers, etc. 

Be sure to shake well as you use it. Remember, essential oils are not water soluble so they will not blend well in the water, so shake well. 

And those are 5 antifungal essential oils for plants!

Have you used any of these oils in your garden before for fungus or mildew? If so leave me a comment below relating your experience! I’d love to hear from you:)

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Happy gardening!